Simulation / Scenario Engine


Simulation: Development and Delivery of VST, VMT and other like simulations.
Scenario: Development and delivery of scenario based learning and assessment activities.


  • Able to maintain all developed  simulation and scenario content within the one generic engine.
  • Traditional benefits of simulation and scenario based learning and assessment activities, as well as adaptable, maintainable and re-usable simulation and scenario assets.
  • Multi-lingual content and assets.
  • No complex platforms – Software Application operating over existing hardware.

KURIOUS Scenario Engine

Key Capabilities:

  • No-notice, Emergency, Disaster, Catastrophe training and assessment
  • Complex decision making activities
  • Interactivity between participants
  • ‘Persistent World’ gaming technology
  • Set and forget or manipulate on the fly
  • Anywhere, Anytime over any device
  • Social Media and Mobile Technology enabled
  • Quality gamming engine technology
  • Sophisticated reporting and analytics on outcomes and objectives


Software Application operating over standard Desk Top and Mobile Devices.

KURIOUS Scenario Control Panel – Participant and Co-ord access permissions:

  • Participant – news feeds (text and AV media); Twitter+; Facebook+; Updates; Calendar and alerts; Sitreps.
  • Co-ord – all of the above – ‘set and forget’ or’ manipulate on the fly’; scenario grid; participant progress, reporting and analytics.

Mobile App technology:

  • Updates, alerts, news, Twitter+ and Facebook+ feeds
  • Decision making assets


  • Final stages of IT architecture design
  • Early Adopter input into the design in order to meet the specific client needs
  • Build is expected to be completed within 16-20 weeks
  • VST/VMT – required for current Early Adopters

Key Features

  • Enabler to Airworthiness, Safety, Standards and Compliance
  • Rapid maintenance and updating of all developed content across the training and knowledge system.
  • Content can be developed externally, deployed to KURIOUS and be fully maintain through KURIOUS.
  • A single, modularised LCMS+ consisting of the entire Learning Loop.
  • Rapid, Multi-lingual Content Development
  • Interconnectivity Change Management Solution
  • Cloud enabled
  • Mobile deployable
  • Permits for current, accurate, current, standardised content – always